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A programmatic advertising partner that makes more dollars and sense

Publishers double ad revenue and advertisers beat Google benchmarks by 4-10X on average. From plug and paid to tailor-made — Next Millennium grows revenue while respecting what you’ve built.
Ads that made more dollars and sense
iab Tag Great Place to Work Google Certified Publishing Partner OAREX

Next level results for advertisers and publishers

70k+ Customers Walked into a McDonalds Location, Post Campaign

Our ad units beat client benchmarks across clickthrough rate, video completion rate, and viewability.

This resulted in more store visits, with 50% of these visits taking place within one week of seeing a McDonalds ad on one of Next Millennium’s publishing partners.

Minute Media Adds $2 Million in New Annual Ad Revenue

Minute Media is a premier digital media company that oversee a diverse portfolio of culture and sports websites.

These sites are organized under six distinct brands: FanSided, The Players' Tribune, 90min, DBLTAP, Mental Floss, and The Big Lead.

Minute Media adds $2 Million in New Annual Ad Revenue App Generates 70% Ad arpdau

With Next Millennium, integrating its In-App SDK.

One of the fundamental elements of this integration was the replacement of competitor ads with premium branded ads that are recognized and valued around the world. App Generates 70% Ad <span class="uppercase">ARPDAU</span>

The Daily Hodl
Net Ad Revenue Skyrockets 322% in 1 year!

The Daily Hodl is a leading site for news and analysis in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. It was co-founded by Blake Buford, Julian Aicholz, Kai Aicholz and Laurene Williams.

The Daily Hodl <br> Net Ad Revenue Skyrockets 322%&nbsp;in&nbsp;1&nbsp;year!
We’ve been extremely pleased with Next Millennium. Almost from the day we started working with them, they became our biggest revenue partner.
David Williams

Creating win-wins between hundreds of premium publishers and brands


Exclusive Access to Premium Inventory for Advertisers

We match respectable brands such as Coca-Cola and Disney with premium publishers to consistently beat Google benchmarks.

  • Access premium inventory exclusive to us
  • Boost performance with PMP packages
  • Protect ad budgets with verified traffic
  • Get real-time performance metrics
  • Leverage unique ad formats that cut through
Exclusive access <span class="normal-case">to</span> premium inventory <span class="normal-case">for</span> advertisers
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Plug and Paid for Website Publishers

We triple ad revenue for our website publisher partners by selling their ad inventory to global brands willing to pay a premium.

  • Direct relationships with global brands
  • Maximize ad yields with verified traffic
  • Protection from a cookieless future
  • Real-time metrics and transparent reporting
  • Unique demand services also available
Plug and paid for website publishers
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Plug and Paid for App Publishers

We maximize ad revenue for application publishers without selling ad inventory to competitor apps.

  • Stop advertising your competitors’ apps
  • Maximize ad yields with verified traffic
  • Direct relationships with premium brands
  • Ad formats that cut through
  • You drive downloads, we do everything else
Plug and paid for app publishers
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White Labeled Wrapper for Large Publishers

Publishers with 10M+ monthly page views can eliminate ad revenue share without having to build and maintain their own wrapper.

  • Stop paying 25% revenue share
  • We integrate our fast-loading wrapper
  • Suite of features to optimize revenue and UX
  • Access to our SSP and brand relationships
  • Account management and AdOps support
White labeled wrapper for large publishers
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Hand-picked publishers




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Ad formats proven to boost time-in-view and clickthroughs

Next Serenity

Next Serenity

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Larry Stevens
Once you’ve implemented their tags, it’s free sailing from there. For the publishers we’ve worked with together, they’ve produced more revenue than expected and have never been late on payment.
Larry Stevens Barista Media, LLC
David Sherman
It's been a great pleasure working with the team at Next Millennium Media. Advertising revenues and CPMs over the time we have been with Next Millennium have both been higher than agreed to. We are averaging about $20k per month though the new ad units. Your team has always been great with communications and have made the process very smooth. We appreciate our joint partnership.
David Sherman Astronomy
Paul Lukas
We’ve been extremely pleased with Next Millennium. Almost from the day we started working with them, they became our biggest revenue partner, and the incredible team there have regularly made themselves available to us to help maximize our ad performance. A big thumbs-up!
Paul Lukas UNI Watch
Jason Urgo
At Social Blade, we’ve offered our services free to the world since 2008 and have been able to do that thanks to Next Millennium. They have often doubled or tripled our ad revenue compared to our other provider that we split units with for security reasons. Next Millennium day in and day out continues to beat our other ad provider in terms of daily revenue - its not even close. We are glad Next Millennium came along.
Jason Urgo CEO of Social Blade
Choosing a new advertising provider feels like a leap of faith for publishers. It’s scary. This is why we were looking for an advertising partner, not an advertising service. We got that partnership with Next Millennium.
David Williams
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