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Benchmark-beating engagement and reach without the guesswork

We consistently beat benchmarks and competitors via exclusive reach, transformative ad units, and transparent AI-powered performance optimization.

More engagement from the right people for less
More engagement from the right people for less

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How we consistently beat Google’s CTR
and engagement benchmarks


Exclusive Access to Premium Publisher Inventory

Over 800 premium publishers give our advertising partners sole rights to their 1st-party data and sought after inventory not available on the open exchange.

Plus, we’re exclusively integrated with our publishers via code-on-page. This means no middleman and more engagement and reach for every dollar invested.

Exclusive access to premium publisher inventory
  • Food & Drink
  • Science
  • Family & Parenting
  • News, Politics
  • Automotive
  • Technology & Computing
  • Shopping
  • Pets
  • Business
  • Art & Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Style & Fashion
  • Home & Garden
  • Health & Fitness
  • Travel
  • Law, Government & Politics

Transformative Ad Units That Beat Benchmarks

Meticulously crafted and consistently optimized units break through blind spots and outperform industry benchmarks.

Our in-view time of >35 seconds results in a 22% lift in brand consideration and beating Google’s click-through and and engagement rate benchmarks by 4X and 10X respectively.

Transformative ad units that beat benchmarks
Next Serenity

Next Serenity

Sticky Bottom

Sticky Bottom

In Article

In Article








Optimized AI-Driven Campaigns

Our proprietary AI solution, IntelliLaunch™ , is battle-tested and proven over two years and hundreds of advertising partners.

We use IntelliLaunch to launch campaigns using 1st-party data and multiple data partners simultaneously. Then, we boost results by allocating inventory to the highest performing data partners in real-time.

Optimized AI-Driven campaigns

Boost Performance with Pre-Built PMP Packages

Our private marketplace already gives you access to better ad inventory at below-market rates — but you can do even better!

Audience-based pre-built PMP packages give you more control over the verticals your ads are placed in — and performance-based PMP packages give you predictable performance.

Boost performance with Pre-Built PMP packages

Verified Targeted Human Traffic

98%+ of your traffic will be human as verified by Integral Ad Science, MOAT, and Pixalate. And our host of data solutions ensure your ads aren’t only shown to real people — but to the right people.

Verified targeted human traffic

Trusted Data Partnerships

Supplement 1st-party data insights and enhance campaign targeting with 3rd-party data from the industry’s most trusted sources.

Trusted data partnerships

Proof of performance

hasbro Hasbro Achieves a 237% Increase in CTR with Next Tack Unit Compared to Standard Banners.

This innovative approach allowed Hasbro to reach their target audience in a unique and engaging way, ultimately driving sales of their product.

mcdonalds70k+ Customers Walked into a McDonalds Location, Post Campaign

Our ad units beat client benchmarks across clickthrough rate, video completion rate, and viewability.
This resulted in more store visits, with 50% of these visits taking place within one week of seeing a McDonalds ad on one of Next Millennium’s publishing partners.

You bring your brand, <strong> <i>we do everything else</i></strong>

You bring your brand, we do everything else

  • Our in-house sales team closes relationships with premium publishers that brands like yours want to advertise with
  • Our in-house marketing team creates new ad formats and delivers creatives proven to perform within our publisher network
  • Our in-house data scientists continuously optimize algorithms to ensure your ads display on the right sites at the right time to maximize publisher and advertiser returns
  • Our in-house developers tailor ads to publisher sites and handle edge cases to give your ads the best chance of performing