Case study

70K+ customers walked into a McDonalds location, post campaign

Our ad units beat client benchmarks across clickthrough rate, video completion rate, and viewability.

This resulted in more store visits, with 50% of these visits taking place within one week of seeing a McDonalds ad on one of Next Millennium’s publishing partners.



McDonalds partnered with Next Millennium to help strengthen campaigns for their brand, which has existed for almost 70 years and is known by many millions in 100+ countries.

The collaboration aimed to increase brand awareness and drive store traffic in select regions of Washington and Maryland. The campaign was customdesigned to cater to the unique needs of each region and targeted specific KPIs and audience metrics for maximum impact.


We were confident that we could elevate McDonald's campaigns through four key aims:

  • Ignite brand awareness through targeted messaging and media strategies
  • Drive foot traffic to McDonalds’ stores in select regions of Washington and Maryland
  • Reach specific audience segments with tailored campaigns
  • Achieve maximum impact and ROI for the QSR

Our strategy

Our team took a multi-pronged approach, utilizing the power of Next Tack+, Next PopTop, and Next Of- Skin+ ad units to reach audiences across desktop and mobile devices.

By leveraging our first-party contextual data and user consented data, we precisely targeted "Value Shoppers" and those with a strong interest in QSRs.

Additionally, our partnership with Quorum allowed for precise tracking of campaign performance and store traffic, ensuring 100% GEO Compliance.

Our team aimed for consistent pacing, with full monthly delivery in each DMA, resulting in a seamless and impactful campaign experience.

Unique Creative Execution

Next Tack+, Next PopTop, Next Of-Skin+ ad units

First-Party User Consented Data

+ Third party precise location data

Exclusive Premium Inventory

Not available via Open Exchange

Targeted Regions

We targeted:

  • Washington: Yakima, Spokane, Seattle
  • Maryland: Washington, Salisbury, Baltimore

The Creative

The creative team at Next Millennium leveraged their expertise to deliver a visually impactful brandscape that seamlessly adapted to various devices.

The campaigns were designed to capture the viewer's attention and drive engagement, with a focus on delivering a memorable user experience

The creative was thoughtfully crafted to be attentiongrabbing and to drive clicks to the website.

The Audience

McDonald's campaign was tailored to the right audience, and location was a key factor in determining this. We honed in on two specific states: Washington and Maryland, to deliver a hyper-targeted message to consumers.

Our partnership with Quorum allowed us to track campaign performance and monitor store traffic. This location data was used to build out audience segments that fit within the description of "Value Shoppers" and consumers who had a strong interest in QSR. With this information, our creative team was able to craft a visually stunning brandscape that effectively engaged and captivated our targeted audience.




seconds in view

Average time spent on page


Exceeded bench marks

In overall campaign performance


Food traffic

To McDonald's stores within the targeted regions


Increased brand engagement

Through visually stunning brandscape and targeted messaging


paid less

Than expected to acquire new leads and customers