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Switching should feel like fate, not a leap of faith

Most or all of your revenue comes from showing ads to the audience you’ve worked hard to build. This is why publishers fear change, even when they know creative should be stronger and ad revenue higher.


How we make switching feel like fate

Superior performance

Superior performance

We consistently beat benchmarks and past performance via direct and exclusive relationships with global brands expecting to pay you a premium, and unique ad formats proven to cut through.

Proof of performance

Proof of performance

You get a real-time dashboard showing the metrics you care about and exactly how much ad revenue you’ll get and when. No more guessing at performance, doing manual calculations, or blindly trusting your partner.

Consistent improvement

Consistent improvement

Our team are always closing new brand partnerships, pushing for fresh creatives that perform better, tweaking our algorithms, and finding ways to stay ahead of changes such as the end of 3rd-party cookies.

Choosing a new advertising provider feels like a leap of faith for publishers. It’s scary. This is why we were looking for an advertising partner, not an advertising service, and we got that partnership with Next Millennium.
David Williams

How we double ad revenue for our publisher network on average


Direct Relationships with Multiple Premium Brands

Disney. Coca Cola. Puma. Nespresso. Bose. Premium brands like these eagerly pay our publisher partners a premium for access to niche audiences.

Plus, these brands partner with our team to produce fresh creatives that we know will perform on sites like yours. We have many of these brands in our network and we are always closing new ones to ensure a steady flow of fresh ads.

Direct relationships with multiple premium brands

Access More Ad Platforms and Exclusive Agency Budgets

You’re capping ad revenue when you manage video ads yourself. You’ll fill your ad inventory with ads from one or two partners, compete for access and find that ad yield is very low. And on top of that, they’ll be slow to refresh their ads, resulting in less engagement.

With Next Millennium, you get access to ALL of the massive advertising platforms, ads from premium brands - and we sell inventory to partner agencies with large budgets you can’t access.

Access more ad platforms <span class="normal-case">and</span> exclusive agency budgets

Access Unique Ad Formats Proven to Cut Through

Your audience has blind spots for irrelevant ads and tired formats. Our publisher partners get relevant ads and formats proven to break through blindspots without taking away from the content.

And we’re always releasing new formats. Next Video is our newest. When mixed with direct campaigns, Next Video feels more like content and less like an ad.

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Lean on our AdOps Team

We have seen it all. We’ve helped hundreds of publishers and advertisers maximize ad revenue and minimize the work required.

Our account managers, marketers, data scientists and developers are constantly looking for new ways to increase ad revenue without jeopardizing what you’ve built.

Lean on our AdOps team

You Bring the Traffic, We Do Everything Else

Next Millennium isn’t yet another vendor promising the world while putting your ad inventory on auto-pilot using open source software. Yes, we have tech and proprietary algorithms, but publishers call us partners because our team is always accessible.

You Bring The Traffic, We Do Everything Else
AdOps Team

AdOps Team

Our in-house ad ops team consistently lands new top tier brands looking to access niche audiences like yours. We’ll bring in new, relevant, respectable advertising partners — you just need to say “yes.”

Marketing team

Marketing team

Our in-house marketing team works with you and our advertising partners to ensure the right ads are shown at the right time using the right ad format. And we’re allergic to auto-pilot — we’re always pushing for better performance.

Data Science Team

Data Science Team

Our in-house data science team works continuously optimizes our algorithms, builds out novel ad formats, handles complex edge cases, and stays ahead of trends such as the end of third-party cookies (we’ve got you covered there!).

We’ve been extremely pleased with Next Millennium. Almost from the day we started working with them, they became our biggest revenue partner, and Eli and his team have regularly made themselves available to us to help maximize our ad performance. A big thumbs-up!
Paul Lukas UNI Watch

Benchmark beating performance

Real Time Metrics

Whatever you track — impressions, clicks, views — we report on over a dozen metrics in real time via the dashboard.

for publishers

Proof of performance

minute Media Adds $2 Million in New Annual Ad Revenue

Minute Media is a premier digital media company that oversee a diverse portfolio of culture and sports websites.
These sites are organized under six distinct brands: FanSided, The Players' Tribune, 90min, DBLTAP, Mental Floss, and The Big Lead.

<small class='small'>Minute media</small>
<strong><span class='text-secondary-dark'> Adds $2 Million</span>  in New Annual Ad Revenue</strong>

social Blade Social Blade: a 322% Overall Revenue Uplift

Our three placements, which made up less than half the site’s ads, provided significantly more revenue, often delivering double or triple that of the other provider.
To this day, Next Millennium Media remains the main source of ad revenue on Social Blade’s website.

<small class='small'>Social blade</small>
<strong> Social Blade: <span class='text-secondary-dark'>a 322% overall revenue uplift</span></strong>
Plug, play, and get paid
Get started

Plug, play, and get paid

  • Book a discovery call and we’ll explore how we’ll increase ad revenue - from bigger brands
  • We’ll create a pilot project that accounts for risks, your current provider, and your unique needs
  • We send a preview of placements designed for your site and audience for you to approve
  • Once approved, the ads go live, revenue goes up, and you’ll see real-time updates in your dashboard
Once you’ve implemented their tags, it’s free sailing from there. For the publishers we’ve worked with together, they’ve produced more revenue than expected and have never been late on payment.
Larry Stevens Barista Media, LLC
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