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Unlock more revenue and site speed with Next Video

A flip of a switch delivers relevant video and display ads from top brands, and niche video content proven to hold your attention. When Next Millennium handles your entire stack, you need less code on page (more speed) and get more for your inventory (more revenue).

The video player unit has a lot of direct campaigns, for example, we’re getting Sunday Night Football promotions on our NBA site. You don’t get this quality from any other ad partner. The ads almost feel like more content and the CPMs are always high.
Grant Afseth NBA Analysis

Video content and advertising is out of reach for many publishers

  • You may not have the resources to create a steady stream of fresh and relevant video content

  • Sourcing video content from creators and 3rd-parties takes the focus away from your core business — publishing content that drives traffic

  • This is why point solutions that only do video content and ads exist

  • Even if you do create or source content, you still need to create a player and then source relevant video ads that are regularly refreshed

  • But patching together display and video vendors means more code on page and therefore slower site speeds. It also allows more room for errors and finger pointing when something goes wrong

This is why publishers leave display and video advertising to Next Millennium

One vendor for everything

One vendor for everything

With Next Millennium, you have one vendor responsible for everything advertising— player technology, video content, and video and display ads. This means less code on page and no finger pointing.

Focus on your core business

Focus on your core business

We form partnerships with premium brands and agencies with budgets you wouldn’t have access to.

Intuitive backend video platform

Intuitive backend video platform

You don't need multiple tools to manage your video content. With NextVideo, you get access to our backend platform designed to store, host, and manage your video content.

Our incentives are aligned

Our incentives are aligned

We don’t charge a flat fee — we charge a percentage of advertising revenue. This means our team is incentivized to consistently find opportunities to responsibly increase ad yield.

Two ways to do video with Next Millennium

Done with you video advertising

This is for you if you create your own video content and want to outsource monetization.

You can upload your own content and create playlists with our full-service video player. Then, we’ll handle monetization by bringing in relevant video ads from our premium advertising partners and creators.

Done for you video advertising

This is for you if you want to focus on your core business and leave all things advertising to us.

We’ll embed our light and fast video player, and use our AI to source relevant video content and ads using contextual targeting. You’ll unlock a new revenue stream without any extra work.

How we unlock more revenue and site speed while you focus on publishing


AI-powered Content Curation

Video advertising only works if you have video content that your audience actually wants to see. Our AI considers everything it knows about the content on your page and your audience, then pulls in content proven to engage and inspire action.

We’re talking about niche content from popular creators that your audience may already be fans of.

AI-powered content curation

Integrated, Fast, Code-light Ad Technology

None of this means anything if it slows your site down and the audience you’ve worked so hard to build bounces because of this.

This is why we’ve designed our integrated display and video ad products, player technology, and the backend that powers it all with speed in mind.


Access More Ad Platforms and Exclusive Agency Budgets

You’re capping ad revenue when you manage video ads yourself. You’ll fill your ad inventory with ads from one or two partners, compete for access and find that ad yield is very low. And on top of that, they’ll be slow to refresh their ads, resulting in less engagement.

With Next Millennium, you get access to ALL of the massive advertising platforms, ads from premium brands - and we sell inventory to partner agencies with large budgets you can’t access.

Access more ad platforms <span class="normal-case">and</span> exclusive agency budgets

Direct Relationships with Multiple Premium Brands

Disney. Coca Cola. Puma. Nespresso. Bose. Premium brands like these eagerly pay our publisher partners a premium for access to niche audiences.

Plus, these brands partner with our team to produce fresh creatives that we know will perform on sites like yours. We have many of these brands in our network and we are always closing new ones to ensure a steady flow of fresh ads.

Direct relationships with multiple premium brands

You Bring the Traffic, We Do Everything Else

Next Millennium isn’t yet another vendor promising the world while putting your ad inventory on auto-pilot using open source software. Yes, we have tech and proprietary algorithms, but publishers call us partners because our team is always accessible.

You Bring The Traffic, We Do Everything Else
Sales team

Sales team

Our in-house sales team consistently lands new top tier brands looking to access niche audiences like yours. We’ll bring in new, relevant, respectable advertising partners — you just need to say “yes.”

Marketing team

Marketing team

Our in-house marketing team works with you and our advertising partners to ensure the right ads are shown at the right time using the right ad format. And we’re allergic to auto-pilot — we’re always pushing for better performance.

Tech team

Tech team

Our in-house tech team works together to continuously optimize our algorithms, build out novel ad formats, handle complex edge cases, and stay ahead of trends such as the end of third-party cookies (we’ve got you covered there!).

Capture, hold, and monetize attention with unique video ad formats

In-Article Video

In-Article Video

Out-Stream Video

Out-Stream Video



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