the Next Millennium Referral Program!

If you’ve had a positive experience with Next Millennium and feel compelled to recommend us, why not benefit from it financially?

You could earn up to $10,000 simply by referring others to us.

Here's how it works:

Upon successful integration of the referred publisher with Next Millennium, you’ll earn a one-time bonus based on the publisher’s size*:

You can earn up to $10,000 by referring others to us

10 - 20 million imps $2,000

20 - 30 million imps $4,000

30 - 50 million imps $7,500

50+ million imps $10,000

*Please note, the above mentioned payouts are subject to achieving a 30-day live status and maintaining an average CPM of $.40 or above. If these benchmarks aren’t met, the payout will be prorated based on the actual CPM achieved. Terms and conditions apply as detailed in the referral agreement. This expires on 12/31/2024.