Case study

Reprogramming Revenue: TVTV's Breakthrough in Digital Advertising has overcome advertising challenges and achieved significant success through focused strategy and commitment. By reassessing and enhancing its advertising methods, has dramatically increased revenue and set a new quality standard in the digital entertainment industry.


Background, spearheaded by David Williams, has become a beacon in the art and entertainment vertical, attracting over 13 million monthly visitors. Renowned for its comprehensive television programming information, offers a seamless experience for users to explore TV shows, movies, and streaming content. However, the journey to becoming a leader in the digital landscape was not without its hurdles.

The Challenge

Initially, faced significant challenges with its advertising strategies, primarily due to unsatisfactory service from its previous ad partnership. This included poor customer service, lack of personalized solutions, and insufficient attention to detail, leading to underwhelming revenue and growth potential. The lack of a tailored advertising approach resulted in a misalignment with the company’s goals, prompting an urgent need for a strategic overhaul.

The Challenge


Using a multi-faceted approach that included customizations and direct ad sales, Next Millennium transformed’s digital advertising. This involved:

Unit Creation<br>And ID Control

Unit Creation
And ID Control

A custom function allowing to create unique ad units, with full control over each unit’s ID. This feature ensures precise tracking and management of individual ad placements, enhancing the ability to tailor ad configurations and optimize revenue effectively.

Direct<br>Advertising Sales

Advertising Sales

Working with select premium and mid-tier agencies, we created managed service and PMP campaigns with dynamic floor pricing model for’s inventory.

Ad Removal Management

Ad Removal Management

Giving complete control over ad removal. They are able to remove ads in real-time based on site-specific rules, ensuring relevance and effectiveness of their ad inventory while enhancing overall site performance and user experience.

Bidders and Ad Display Control

Bidders and Ad Display Control

Using our tech to call bidders immediately, giving the flexibility to manage when Google Ad Manager (GAM) is engaged and when ads are displayed. This allows for strategic timing, ensuring ads reach the audience at the optimal moment for maximum engagement and revenue.


The collaborative relationships Next Millennium facilitated and the use of advanced advertising technologies played a key role in the significant advancement of’s advertising framework. This success not only reinforced our standing in the marketplace but also highlighted our capability to exceed standard industry benchmarks, positioning as a leader in the digital advertising landscape, and resulting in 25% revenue growth over previous results.

The transformation of from grappling with advertising challenges to attaining significant achievements showcases the strength of focused strategy and commitment. Through a thorough reassessment and improvement of its advertising strategies, has dramatically transformed its ability to generate revenue and established a new standard of quality in the digital entertainment sector.