We help you earn more from every ad you buy or space you sell.

We Connect Top Advertisers and Publishers

We’ve built an ecosystem of 250+ advertisers and 500+ publishers that are exclusive to our network. 

The result: Publishers get access to quality brands and unique ad budgets, and Advertisers get access to exclusive high-performance inventory and first party customer data.

We Offer Unique Ad Placements and Formats

We create custom ad formats and place those in strategic locations to boost advertiser performance and supercharge publisher revenue without compromising brand safety or user experience. 

The result: Publishers run engaging and relevant campaigns, and Advertisers run units that 10x Google’s engagement benchmark and 4x their CTR benchmark.

We Negotiate Win-Win Deals

We bridge high-value advertisers and premium publishers to avoid industry inefficiencies. 

The result: Publishers sell their ad space for more per-unit and increase their overall ad revenue, and Advertisers buy higher-performing space at a profitable price.


Bottom line?
Max bottom line.

You plug.
We play.
(They pay.)

Next Mill’s proprietary code is surprisingly simple to implement. Plug it into your backend and we’ll take it from there.

Watch How It Works