We help you discover &
demand your true sell-worth.

Connect with our extensive network of premium advertisers and popular brands.

The result? Your highest possible revenue per ad space.

We place ads in strategic and creative places, in a way that supercharges revenue without compromising user experience.

Our flexible ad formats, styles and options fit all screens and devices.

We work as a bridge between you and high-value advertisers to negotiate pricing, ensuring you get paid the true value of your ad space.

It’s all about hitting the sweet spot—
in nanoseconds.

Our in-house data scientists are continuously developing proprietary algorithms to price your inventory just right, to the right brands, for the right user, in the right place, at the right time, so you get the best value for your content.

Advertising is lucrative but difficult to do correctly. Our experts handle all the heavy lifting for you – simply plug in a short line of code and we do the rest.

Throughout, we maintain an open line of communication and 100% transparency.



Bottom line?
Max bottom line.

You plug.
We play.
(They pay.)

Next Mill’s proprietary code is surprisingly simple to implement. Plug it into your backend and we’ll take it from there.

Watch How It Works