Social Blade (SB) was already an established, world-class social media analytics company when Next Millennium partnered with them. Using an advertising supported revenue model (in order to allow a free service), they have empowered social media entrepreneurs since 2008. Initially, they handled all advertising operations themselves but outsourced this to an outside vendor in 2015 when this failed to yield enough revenue and proved overwhelming to manage on their own. The company failed to satisfy SB long term, however, because their revenues declined precipitously and consistently, so they desperately needed a new approach.

Next Millennium Media reached out to Social Blade in late 2019, and after hearing their story, we knew we could tackle it head-on. We wanted to demonstrate just how much Social Blade stood to gain by partnering with us, and ran three ads on the site alongside their pre-existing ad partner.

Our three placements, which made up less than half the site’s ads, provided significantly more revenue, often delivering double or triple that of the other provider. To this day, NMM remains the main source of ad revenue on Social Blade’s website.

“At Social Blade, we’ve offered our services free to the world since 2008 and have been able to do that thanks to ads. At the start we were handling ads completely on our own through Google which worked, but after time ad rates started dropping. In 2015 we brought on a third party to manage our ads and revenue went way up! Over time though this ad provider was sold, and sold again and by 2019 ads weren’t so much their priority anymore and though our traffic was increasing substantially, ad rates had fallen so low we were in danger of not being able to pay for the site anymore. That’s when Next Millennium came along.

In November of 2019, … Next Millennium [provided] three additional ads in addition to the four we were already showing. With only a fraction of all the ad slots filled they still were able to bring in more revenue than our current provider, often doubling or tripling it….Next Millennium still to this day continues to beat our other ad provider in terms of daily revenue every single day.”

~ Social Blade

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Dusan Kuzmanovic