9&10 News is a news outlet serving Northern Michigan and one of the most prominent in the state. Their strong presence in TV, online streaming, social media, and website garnered them 2.3 million visits per month. They attempted to monetize their site with out-of-the-box tools but were frustrated by the results. They knew their great content and platform were worth more, but had no idea how to capitalize on that potential.

Next Millennium Media discovered 9&10 News as a powerful and influential media partner whose platform was underutilized. Eli, our VP of Publisher Development reached out to 9&10 News’s National Sales Manager. She tested several of Next Millennium’s ad units. They were blown away by the revenue generated by our ads and have been a loyal partner ever since.

The below testimonial speaks for itself but the results have been remarkable. We grew 9&10 News’s ad revenue from $25k in 2018 to $67,000 in 2019. 9&10 News was just the beginning. We have gone on to partner with numerous other news outlets across the United States since then.

“Our station has been working with Next Millennium since 2017.  In 2019, our digital revenue increased by 179% from 2018. Next Millennium is continuously evolving to generate more revenue for their partners. We have been extremely pleased with the additional revenue generated so much so that we have signed to continue our partnership with Next Millennium.”

~ Lisa Froning, National Sales Manager

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Dusan Kuzmanovic