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Create 100% Premium, Display Inventory

The Serenity – Skyscraper Ads on Wide Screens

Why leave half of a 27-inch Mac users’ screen empty? With the Spatial technology, we will measure the users’ browser in Real-Time to see whether there is ample “Space” to inject 160×600/300×600 placements on the white skins of your site.

The Borg Cube – New Monetization for Long Rails

After a user continues his scroll down the page, publishers don’t get any significant money for BTF units, in comes the SPATIAL technology, reacting in Real-Time to the users’ scroll thus enabling our advertisers to serve 100% viewable placements upon entry into BTF territory.

Prometheus – Seamless In-Article Placements

Want to earn more for longer articles but don’t want to overload your users with ads?? Introducing our adaptive placement that will only serve in-article ads when there is a highly relevant campaign to your user. When your user doesn’t match our criteria, the content stays as is. It’s a win-win!

The Summit – Monetizing the Footer

For some people, the bottom of the page is the foot of the mountain but for us; it’s The Summit. Larger ads such as a 970×250 will catch the users’ attention right before they move on to the next article.

The Mothership – High Impact Hover

Capitalize twice on your header ad. Once the user scrolls past the first one ours will appear on top of the page and hover at the top only taking up a minimal amount of the screen height.

The Gunstar – Low Profile Anchor for Mobile/Desktop/Tablet.

A fixed positioned ad in the base of the device screen, usually 320×50 or 320×100 on mobile, 728×90 on Tablet and Desktop. It can be supplied with the optional close button and custom appearance and shadow effects. Unlike similar units on the market, it does not create a layer that covers the content taking up the width of the entire page. And we’ll make sure it disappears when the user hits the bottom of the screen so it doesn’t block the content on the bottom of your page. We are on the same team called “User-Friendliness”.

Premium Viewability Video

Discovery One – Outstream Video

Unlike pre-roll that can help to monetize only video content, the ad.Inject in-article Real-Time responsive 15 -30 sec video ads can monetize any web content based on the 100% viewable criteria supported by the in-focus play control. The ads can be set to play muted or not muted when injected and is an ideal option to monetize your articles and long-scrolled content pages. For user-friendliness the video will stop playing once out of the users’ view.

The Millennium Falcon – Dynamically Moving Native Video Player – The First One Ever

Many Publishers want those video CPM’s but don’t have the content tto create pre-roll opportunties. That’s why we’ve teamed up with many of the top content producers in the industry to create content specifically to meet each of our sites users’ interests.

The kicker… Spatial Ad Technology will dynamically place the player where there is available space. On wider screens – in the skins. On smaller screens –  in the rail. On short pages – in the footer. And with the player’s adhesive nature the playlist will stay in view 100% of the time so publishers make sure pre-roll requests are being created.

Premium Viewability Tablets and Mobile

Fireball XL5 – Interstitial for Tablets and Mobile

Any standard ad size unit or video can be set to run as an interstitial enabling for additional viewable inventory without any extra work. ad.Inject provides flexibility for the publisher to choose the frequency cap, seconds till it automatically closes, and CPM floors.

Premium Viewability Skins/Wallpaper

SPATIAL Adaptive Skins

When the SPATIAL Adaptive ad format is used for Skins, the creative is never cropped and 100% of the ad message is in view on every impression reported. Agencies and advertisers are provided large, creative palettes, for highly impactful, dynamic ad creative and messaging, with ads that always fit perfectly, regardless of the ad dimensions, making it a perfect option for direct sales. Not only you can get rid of white space for good, but you can actually transform it to the most valuable advertising real estate and make it work for you.

100% Viewability Wallpaper

With SPATIAL ad.Inject, even Wallpaper ads can be delivered with 100% viewability guarantees. For a programmatic program, you can use a standard 300×1050 unit, and also you can use any creative (image or HTML5) of any size that make sense to you and expand your direct sales offering with a premium unit that does not require any custom implementation. Most important, you can rotate wallpapers like display ads, maximizing your incremental revenue potential.

Enjoy an incremental revenue stream and expanding premium viewable Inventory.

Get the most out of your advertising real estate with the most sophisticated ad formats on the market. We optimize inventory across all devices, browsers and apps using a full range of ad types, from video to native display ads.

Next Millennium Ad Building creates new, viewable inventory. Different from DFP and the header bidding (Prebid.js) tag, Next Millennium does not use Google’s DFP (GPT) ad slots or inventory predefined manually in the code of the pages. Instead, a single ad.Inject tag, placed in the footer of the webpage; programmatically injects display, skins and video ads into the viewport of the viewers’ browser on the fly, without the use of traditional ad slots.

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