Uncover the Next Millennium
A Brief History..

Next millennium was founded in 2012 with a vision of transforming the way advertisers and publishers connect in the digital ad industry. Next Millennium grew quickly to fill the ever increasing demand for higher ad exchange efficiency and improved ROIs.

Who we are

A small group of great minds and programmatic geniuses based in New York City. Through our handpicked publisher networks and creative solutions, we help publishers realize untapped revenue opportunities, and we understand the importance of consistent and targeted exposure for our advertisers.

Our Mission

To maximize potential for both advertisers and publishers with latest automation technologies and a team of experts matching campaigns with users in the right place and time, and in the right format.

Our proprietary technologies create new, quality, 100% viewable real estate for publishers and advertisers for both video and display inventory.

Publishers – make money from unused real estate and drive up the ratings for your site. Add video technology that generates rich new video content which helps with user engagement on top of video advertising revenue.